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Natura Philia Collection

Updated: Dec 19, 2023


Our latest collection, "Natura Philia," draws inspiration from Ecosexuals—integrating sexuality with ecology, reshaping environmental activism.

Concept Behind Natura Philia

The collection encourages treating the Earth with affection, akin to a partner, emphasizing the need to express love for the environment. It challenges the view of nature as a provider, urging a mindset shift: "Nature is your lover, not your mother."

Positive Contribution

We strive to positively impact the Earth by adopting sustainable practices. Our commitment involves sourcing eco-friendly raw materials like Tencel, cotton, and organic cotton, reducing reliance on polyester to decrease environmental impact.

Benefits of Natural Fabrics

Choosing natural fabrics not only benefits the environment but also provides comfort to our skin. Our shift towards Tencel, cotton, and other natural fibres aligns with our long-term mission to reduce hazardous chemicals and plastic presence.

International Standard Compliance

Our printed textiles adhere to the OEKO-TEX 100 standard, ensuring the absence of harmful substances. This commitment makes our products safe for all, even for babies.

Fusion of Fashion and Nature

Our values blend a passion for fashion and nature, defining our strong identity. Each collection reflects our aspiration to offer the finest products while contributing to the Earth's well-being.


Earth Major

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