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Natura Philia Collection

Our latest collection, named Natura Philia, has just been released. Natura Philia draws inspiration from the concept of Ecosexuals, which involves the integration of sexuality with ecology. This innovative and radical form of environmental activism has reshaped how we perceive and express love for the environment.

The idea behind Natura Philia stems from the notion of loving the Earth as one would a partner, encouraging people to treat the Earth with affection rather than exploiting its resources without reciprocation. It serves as a reminder that, at times, we neglect to express love for the Earth and simply take resources without an awareness of the need to give back. This concept prompts us to view the environment from a different perspective: "Nature is your lover, not your mother." By adopting this mindset, we recognize the necessity to consistently care for and love our "lover," understanding that neglect may lead to feelings of abandonment and eventual loss on the Earth's part. Building on this concept, we have chosen to explore and consider various approaches to our actions during our time on Earth. Our actions have a profound impact on both the present generation and those that follow. As the current generation, we are setting an example and leaving a lasting impression for future generations to witness, providing them with a foundation to follow in our footsteps in order to sustain the Earth.

Our aspiration is to contribute positively to the Earth, expressing gratitude for everything it has provided us.

One step at a time, we are committed to shifting our products and values towards sustainability, with the aim of giving back to our environment. We meticulously source more sustainable raw materials and carefully select vendors that align with the standards integral to our long-term mission.

To achieve this, we are reducing our reliance on polyester materials and opting for alternatives such as Tencel, cotton, organic cotton, rayon, and other natural fibres. This transition aims to contribute to the long-term reduction of unnecessary hazardous chemicals and decrease the presence of plastic in the environment.

The use of natural fabrics not only benefits the environment but also has advantages for us. Our skin and body will appreciate the change, as natural materials allow the skin to breathe and provide comfort in use. Our printed textiles also meet the international standard of OEKO-TEX 100, ensuring that the chemicals used in creating the material do not contain any harmful substances, making our products safe even for babies to use.

Therefore, our values embody a fusion of love for fashion and nature. This dual passion defines our strong identity. Our aspiration to offer the finest products while contributing to the well-being of the Earth is a vision is a vision we aim to realize in each collection.


Earth Major

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