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Bali Myna’s Collection

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Nature Focus

In our latest collection, we turn the spotlight on the critically endangered Bali Myna, a beautiful bird native to Bali, Indonesia. With only about 100 left in the wild since 2018, these birds face severe threats.

Status Symbol and Threats

Human attraction to the Bali Myna's beauty has turned it into a status symbol, leading to poaching for the pet trade. Additionally, habitat loss from Bali's expanding tourist industry and population growth has further endangered these birds.

Collection Inspiration

Inspired by Bali Myna's beauty, our collection comprises 11 articles, including shirts, scarves, jackets, and tees. Each piece aims to capture the essence of these endangered birds. Explore the collection and join us in appreciating the beauty of the Bali Myna. View all articles here.

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