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All About Earth Major

Earth Major is a ready-to-wear fashion brand inspired by botanicals, art & music to create bold motifs with earth tone colors and create meaningful products with selected materials to maintain sustainable fashion.

In every design and product we prioritize comfort, concept, and function, because we want people who use our products not only once and can be used in various events.


We Earth Major want to provide fashion for creative people to explore themselves with the value of sustainable fashion products.

“ Dressing The Creative Soul With Care”.

Meet Our Team

Creative. Fashionable. Mindful.

We love expressing ourselves through fashion and are passionate about living mindfully as an act to care for our mother earth. Say hello and get in-touch with us

January 2016

Earth Major Founded

Found in Sydney Australia and released the first collection Futuronic. The collection is inspired by futuristic and organic. We chose to start with Standard 100 OEKO-Tex ink for printing our fabric.

December 2018

Strong Come Back

Created the new collection A Letter From A Giver at the end of quarter of the year and released in December. A Letter From A Giver campaign was taken in Tokyo, Japan. The campaign took place in suburban Tokyo to create a more authentic oriental, modern, quirky concept. After self development and clearer vision of the brand we start to reestablish Earth Major.

Year of 2019

The Journey Start 

Further in this year our brand also released the collection Natura Philia. Natura Philia collection inspired by relation ecosexualism which sees nature as our lover. In this collection we focus on introducing more sustainable fibre in our choice of textile such as Tencel. 

This year we active to join several competition include: Blibli The Big Start Session 4 (TOP 100 Finalist), Indonesia Fashion and Craft Awards (IFCA) Responsible Design for Sustainability by Ministry of Industry Indonesia (Top 52 Designer Finalist),Pinterest Asia Business Boot Camp by Pinterest  (Top 3 winner)

Year of 2020

Start of the year Earth Major had 2 additional permanent team members. We focused on expanding our sales channels throughout online and office platforms.We gradually expand our brand awareness and sales.

This year we also collaborated with Naufal Abshar, On Sunday 4PM, NIION and Popo Mangun. We collaborated with different background professionals in the creative industry and created different product rangel and stories of the collection.

Even though the pandemic has been impacting Indonesia market, we try to adapt with the market needs and demand to survive.

Iconic Year 

Our Journey

What We’ve Worked On

Year of 2021

Start of the year Earth Major had 2 additional This year we are actively creating new products and continuing collaboration. The collaboration with TehBotol Sosro and Basboi at FFFest. We explore new designs and silhouettes to bring fresh products to the market. 

Year of 2022 - Present

New Beginning

​This year we start fresh with a mini collection with Tusk, a fashion accessories specialist in bags. This year, we have a plan to create our own collection that close to our heart with more explorative and fresh design, stay tune

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