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Nature's Quirky Treasures: The Enchanting Oddities Collection

Behind the Oddities

Continuing our spotlight on nature in Indonesia, we collaborated with @zenaviart to celebrate nature’s quirkiest treasures, embracing the idea that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” We invite you to explore the charm of endangered flora through Zenavi’s lively colours and playful patterns.

Beauty of Flora

In this whimsical collection, we highlight the peculiar Titan Arum and the fascinating Kantong Semar. The Titan Arum is the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world, while the Kantong Semar is a genus of carnivorous plants. Both are endangered due to human activity. Through these unique plants, we aim to show the beauty in their oddness, showcasing the intricate textures and forms that make these oddities enchantingly beautiful.

EM x Zenavi Collection

Inspired by these enchanting oddities, the EM x Zenavi collection includes 18 items: shirts, tees, jumpsuits, multipurpose outer scarves, multipurpose long scarves, and keychains. Each piece captures the beauty of the flora’s oddness, a beauty not often seen. We hope this collection represents that unique beauty. Discover the entire collection here, and embrace the beauty of oddness in your own way.

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