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Earth Major x Tehbotol Sosro: Once Upon Happiness

Once upon a time

Do you enjoy drinking tea? Did you know that tea has been around in Indonesia for about 200 years and has become a staple in many homes? The tea-drinking culture originated in China and has become ingrained in Indonesian culture, with both adults and children partaking in this tradition nowadays.


Indonesians don't adhere to any specific teatime rituals; they span across all social classes without any boundaries. The tradition of how we drink tea has evolved over time, passing from generation to generation, whether served in cups, glasses, cold, hot, sweet, or plain. We enjoy tea on every occasion with family and friends. Despite the evolution of tea-drinking traditions, the core value remains unchanged—it continues to bring people together with the warmth and comfort that tea provides.

Comfort & Convenience

We live in this fast-paced life, and many of us seek comfort from various sources, often desiring convenience along with that comfort. By infusing convenience into familiar traditions, these customs become more accessible. By tapping into this approach, Tehbotol Sosro has thrived, establishing its long-standing product of pre-packaged tea for different generations. They began with glass bottles and have now evolved into a shareable carton, providing an opportunity to enjoy together with loved ones.

Fashion and Art

The same goes for fashion; it's not just about providing people with cover-ups, but now it's also a means for us to express ourselves. Similarly, art holds the same value as a form of expression. When fashion and art come together, it elevates the value of the product itself. Now, clothes have become wearable art, offering both comfort and aesthetics.

The concept of convenience and comfort also comes into play, especially with the rise of multifunctional and modular clothes becoming increasingly apparent. Moreover, during the pandemic, as spending power decreases, people are more focused on the value-for-money aspect of products.

Locals Unite

This special collaboration between Earth Major and Tehbotol Sosro is part of the Locals Unite movement initiated by Tehbotol Sosro. Launched in August 2020, it serves as a platform to explore potential, showcase collaborative products, and build an ecosystem for Indonesian brands. Currently, Tehbotol Sosro is focusing on three main areas: food and beverage, clothing and accessories (fashion), and art.

Earth Major x Tehbotol Sosro: My Cup of Set

With the spirit of comfort and convenience, Earth Major x Tehbotol Sosro has created modular clothing consisting of three key elements: the shirt, the detachable sleeves, and the vest. Each can be worn together or separately to create layers for single or multiple occasions. We call this collection "My Cup of Set," made of breathable cotton and linen with a touch of corduroy fabric prioritizing comfort and convenience. Additionally, the artistic illustrations depicting the essence of Tehbotol Sosro in this clothing design emphasize the self-expression message, making it a central element of the overall fashion style of this collaboration. Last but not least, express your creative soul through this Set the way you want it, ensuring comfort and convenience tailored to your preferences.

In the special collaboration between Earth Major x Tehbotol Sosro, we focus on creating a spirit of comfort and convenience that brings people together with happiness for your creative soul. Get this limited edition "My Cup of Set" online now on the website and Tokopedia. Don't miss out!

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