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FFFest x Earth Major collaboration

FFFest is…

Has anyone here been to FFFest for shopping? What are your thoughts on the 3D shopping experience there? FFFest in 2020 successfully organized an offline event that mimicked the experience of shopping at a mall. Last year, in 2021, they returned with the same concept but on a larger scale. It marked the most extensive collaboration between artists, musicians, brands, communities, and public figures, resulting in more than 100 collaborative products.

FFFest emerged as a response to the real impact of the pandemic on businesses and the economic sector. To counteract this, FFFest initiated the first online 3D shopping experience in Indonesia, aiming to help local brands survive and boost their sales by marketing their products during the pandemic.

Earth Major x Basboi for FFFest

Earth Major was fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with Basboi in this event. Basboi is a rapper/singer from Indonesia who describes his music as something that sounds very Basboi, something that no one on this Earth could replicate or recreate because it comes directly from him.

In this collaboration, we produced two products: a shirt and a tee. Combining Basboi's art from the Gemini album with Earth Major's artwork, we created a casual shirt and tee featuring an oversized cut and a unisex form, allowing both men and women to wear them in their daily lives.

The Event

This event was held from December 2, 2021, to January 2, 2022, and many people showed support by purchasing products from local brands. We were excited that many of you liked these products.

See you again, #EMfriends, for another awesome collaboration in 2022 or a new collection that is also very Earth Major, just for you.

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