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Tusk x Earth Major Collaboration

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

“Escape the daily, live boldly”

Time is Precious

In the dynamic past two years, the unpredictability of life has become evident, prompting a bold shift in how people approach their interests. The pursuit of excitement and creativity to enrich the soul has intensified, emphasizing the importance of physical and mental health.

The Real Connections Matter

Despite technology offering virtual connections, reports reveal a rising loneliness epidemic. Genuine connections are crucial, and while the Metaverse has its place, it can't replace the authenticity of real-life connections.

Escape the Daily, Live Boldly

Earth Major and Tusk Bag invite you to break free from the mundane and live boldly. The collaboration blends Earth Major's nature-inspired prints with Tusk Bag's functionality, fostering connections with nature and kindred spirits.

The Wanderer collection

This special collection includes tees, shorts, tote bags, and tumbler bags in two colourways, offering variety. Designed for comfort outside the comfort zone, these products encourage a connection with nature and real people. Explore the Wanderer collection for cozy tees, comfy shorts, tote bags, and tumbler bags, all available on the Tusk website and marketplaces.

For inquiries about the Wanderer collection, reach out to us—we're here to guide you.

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