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To Self, With Love Collection

"Embrace the small joys in life"


The socially charged world is reshaping the way we live. Just observe our surroundings—people are more engrossed in their phones, creating a growing distraction. The constant gaze into screens takes precedence over engagement with the community around them. The fear of missing out on current events drives individuals to stay glued to trends, a phenomenon known as FOMO.

At the core of FOMO lies the issue of social comparison. Our tendency to compare ourselves to others can lead to feelings of insecurity and anxiety. With the pervasive influence of social media, it becomes challenging to avoid this comparison, and the resulting impact can be detrimental to self-care. Rituals

We need to reconsider our perspective on the idea of missing out. It involves a shift in mindset and attitude to engage in simple pleasures. Disconnecting from constant stimuli allows us to connect in a more meaningful way that genuinely brings us joy. This shift is encapsulated in the concept of the Joy of Missing Out, or JOMO. It's not about experiencing joy all the time; rather, it's about being present in the moment and appreciating what is happening around us, making it worthwhile to miss out on certain things. Take a moment to slow down and appreciate the positive aspects of life. Therefore, it boils down to finding a balance in our lives and recognizing our own needs.

Given the recent rise in anxiety and mental health issues, it becomes crucial to identify what truly brings us happiness without external distractions. Taking control of our lives involves focusing on what personally fulfills us, rather than conforming to others' expectations. It's essential to acknowledge that missing out may not be entirely painless. Instead, establish a ritual or repeat positive behaviours to enhance your sense of well-being. Behind the Scenes

There are numerous ways to change our behavioural patterns in a self-care ritual, but the key is tuning into what YOU want to do and alleviating pressure by unplugging from the socially charged world. "To self, with love" is how we embody this behaviour, emphasizing that self-love, self-care, and self-reflection hold more significance as mindsets and attitudes than comparing ourselves to others.

Earth Major illustrates healing stones or crystals as representatives of a healing ritual. Healing crystals are known to assist in setting intentions or vibrations into the universe. With their connection to the earth and life-giving elements, crystals help focus our thoughts and intentions, sending them out into the universe.

To Self, With Love Collection

As per our tagline, "dressing the creative souls with care," Earth Major continues to incorporate natural fabrics in this collection, including 100% cotton, rayon sateen, and ramie. Additionally, our signature fabric, corduroy, remains a prominent feature.

In terms of design, Earth Major aims to simplify patterns compared to previous collections, featuring elements such as embroidered tees, embroidered hoodies, shirt dresses, full-printed shirts, casual dresses, loungewear, pants, and outerwear, all infused with quirky pocket details, unique print placements, and emblems.

The whimsical design touch persists with prints and the addition of emblems in most of the articles, representing gemstones and self-quotes. The colour palette for this collection includes subtle tones such as terracotta, khaki, navy, and black.

This collection comprises a total of 25 articles, including 3 additional pieces from the collaboration with On Sunday 4PM.

Earth Major x On Sunday 4PM

In this collection, Earth Major collaborates with On Sunday 4PM to create artisan accessories, including bags, bandanas, and crops. These pieces represent handmade products with knitting as a main focal point.

This marks the fifth collection of Earth Major, now enhanced with the addition of the collaboration with On Sunday 4PM, titled "To Self, With Love," embracing the small joys of life.

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