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To Self, With Love Collection

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

"Embrace the small joys in life"


In our socially charged world, constant screen engagement leads to FOMO and social comparison, affecting self-care. Embracing the Joy of Missing Out (JOMO) involves finding joy in the present moment and prioritizing personal fulfilment. To combat rising anxiety, it's crucial to establish self-care rituals and focus on genuine happiness.

Behind the Scenes

The "To self, with love" mindset emphasizes self-love and care over comparisons. Earth Major incorporates healing stones in the collection, symbolizing healing rituals and intentions sent into the universe.

Collection Highlights

Earth Major continues to dress creative souls with care, using natural fabrics like cotton, rayon sateen, and ramie. The design simplifies patterns, featuring embroidered tees, hoodies, shirt dresses, and more, infused with quirky details. The colour palette includes terracotta, khaki, navy, and black. The collection comprises 25 articles, including a collaboration with On Sunday 4PM, introducing handmade accessories like bags and bandanas.

Earth Major x On Sunday 4PM Collaboration

The collaboration introduces artisan accessories like bags, bandanas, and crops, highlighting knitting as a focal point. This marks the fifth collection of Earth Major, titled "To Self, With Love," celebrating the small joys of life.

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