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Panggung "Life in the eyes of others" Collection

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

The Background

Humans, intricate and unpredictable, are shaped by evolution and social dependence. Despite shared traits with nature, our distinctive feature is complex reasoning, fostering social skills crucial for survival in our fast-changing world.

The Beginning

"Disguise & Laughter" by Naufal Abshar inspires the collaboration with Earth Major. Abshar's experiences navigating a diverse social landscape lay the foundation. The central theme explores human survival behaviours, where individuals adopt various roles throughout life to convey intentions and achieve goals.

The Journey

The PANGGUNG Collection, a collaboration with Naufal Abshar, embodies this concept using natural fibres like cotton, bamboo, and rayon, alongside traditional fabrics. The 44-article collection integrates experimental design elements, such as pleated techniques, unique pocket styles, and full-printed shirts, translating Abshar's paintings into captivating patterns on jackets, vests, and pants.

PANGGUNG Collection

Earth Major's distinctive touch infuses the collection with earthy and bold colours, creating a vibrant yet warm atmosphere. The 4th collaboration with Naufal Abshar, titled "PANGGUNG," provides a unique perspective into life through the eyes of others.

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