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Panggung "Life in the eyes of others" Collection

The Background

Humans are complex, volatile, unpredictable, emotional, and often irrational creatures. The saying "Never judge a book by its cover" encapsulates the essence of real human nature.

The story behind human traits has been evaluated over time. Initially, we share similarities with other elements in nature, but our distinctive trait lies in the development of complex reasoning abilities attributed to our larger brain. Evolution further shapes humans into beings that depend on each other, leading to the development of social skills as a prominent human trait.

Survival mode is not exclusive to humans; however, our intelligence and social prowess enable us to navigate through complex and unpredictable situations in this fast-changing world.

The Beginning

The painting "Disguise & Laughter" by Naufal Abshar serves as the foundational concept for the collaboration with Earth Major. The narrative behind the artwork revolves around Abshar's experiences navigating a social landscape filled with individuals harbouring diverse and sometimes conflicting intentions.

The central theme of this collaboration revolves around the inherent human behaviour of survival. Humans often assume various roles to communicate intentions, achieve goals, or fulfil needs throughout different stages of life in society.

Inspired by this concept, we adopt a survivalist perspective, portraying it as if we were spectators at a theatrical performance. In this metaphorical setting, each actor dons masks to convey actions to the audience, aiming to create a convincing and engaging performance.

The Journey

To embody this concept in the PANGGUNG Collection, we are dedicated to utilizing natural fibres, including cotton, bamboo, and rayon, for the majority of our products. Additionally, we incorporate them into our usual fabrics such as corduroy, spandex, and polyester. In total, there are 44 articles designed to showcase this collaboration with Naufal Abshar.

In terms of design, Earth Major is embracing more experimental elements in the vest and crossing belt. Furthermore, we are incorporating pleated techniques in skirts, various pocket styles, full-printed shirts, and tees. Lastly, the paintings are translated into several patterns, adorning jackets, vests, and pants.

PANGGUNG Collection

With the distinctive touch of Earth Major, this collection is a fusion of earthy and bold colours, often described as "solid fun." It is vibrant yet exudes a warm feeling.

This marks the 4th collection of Earth Major in collaboration with Naufal Abshar, titled "PANGGUNG," offering a glimpse into life through the eyes of others.

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