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Futuronic The First Collection

Updated: Nov 15

Our story about the first collection.

Our first collection is inspired by futuristic and organic themes. The influence of the futuristic element in our in-house design process is evident in the creation of a robot-like print. The robot-inspired design is seamlessly integrated with organic ideas, incorporating the texture of wood into the robot head.

The organic essence of the collection is further depicted through other elements, such as plants incorporated within the prints. Additionally, our concept of editorial photography extensively captures the fusion of futurism and the organic nature of plants, as showcased in the images above and below.

Our long-term mission to promote sustainability and environmentally friendly fashion has begun with the release of this collection, taking that crucial first step. Despite the limited availability of natural fabrics and environmentally friendly raw materials when we initially launched, we remained undeterred in bringing forth this collection. Instead, these limitations only fueled our curiosity to explore more possibilities in a sustainable fashion.

Fortunately, we identified a supplier offering eco-friendly ink for our printmaking process. The ink, sourced from Japan, is environmentally friendly and certified by Oeko-Tex 100. Join us in our endeavour to create a fashion that is free from prohibited chemicals and safe for all skin types, from babies to adults.

In addition to women's and men's outfits, we also design homeware products. Our goal is to create sustainable and colourful items inspired by art and living nature, embodying a whimsical art lifestyle to offer customers a blend of fashion and homeware. We hope that the growth of our business can positively impact the lives of our customers.


Earth Major

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