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Class of 2020 Collection: Survivors & Healers

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Today’s issue

In response to the current pandemic and climate change, Earth Major collaborates with visual artist Popo Mangun to address Solastalgia—unease about the transforming environment. The collection aims to inspire everyday sustainability through small, achievable actions, with a commitment to support the Indonesian organization Indonesia Kuat.

Normal Folks Unite

The collection showcases "normal folks" with diverse professions and opinions on sustainability, collectively emphasizing the power of everyday actions in healing the Earth.

Survivors & Healers Collection

Illustrating the theme "Survivors & Healers," the collection comprises 10 articles, including a limited edition jacket. Essential clothing items like tees, hoodies, shirts, jackets, scarves, and face masks feature print illustrations and embroidery, using natural fabrics like cotton, rayon, and viscose for sustainability. This marks the sixth collaboration between Earth Major and Popo Mangun, encapsulated in the "Class of 2020: Survivors & Healers" collection.

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