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Class of 2020 Collection: Survivors & Healers

Today’s issue

The current pandemic and ongoing climate change have prompted us to reconsider our actions and the impact we have on the earth. People are experiencing unease about the deteriorating environment and feel powerless to address it. This concept is referred to as Solastalgia, describing the unease related to the chaotic transformation of the environment. Individuals miss the way things used to be and fear that the world may never return to its previous state.

Small Action

Earth Major collaborates with visual artist Popo Mangun. Through this collection, our aim is to encourage and inspire others to contribute to improving the environment through everyday sustainability. It's in these small, achievable acts that even ordinary individuals can perform to prevent further damage to the planet. In line with this commitment, we also seek to give back to the community through the support of an organization in Indonesia called Indonesia Kuat. Through this partnership, we hope that these small actions can make a meaningful difference, especially in the context of the ongoing pandemic.

Normal Folks

Humans can survive under certain difficulties and can heal themselves if they help each other. "Class of 2020: Survivors & Healers" is our way of representing individuals coming together to collectively practice everyday sustainability. This emphasizes that even ordinary people can contribute to improving the environment. Therefore, for this collection, all the models are "normal folks" with various professions and different opinions on everyday sustainability. However, collectively, they share the common goal of healing the Earth.

Class of 2020: Survivors & Healers

The illustration reflects the theme "Survivors & Healers" that we have chosen and applied to this special collection. There are 10 special articles, including a limited edition jacket. We have focused on all the essentials of clothing, such as tees, hoodies, shirts, jackets, scarves, and face masks. All of them feature print illustrations and embroidery, and we continue to use natural fabrics like cotton, rayon, and viscose as a part of our sustainable movement. In line with Earth Major's style, the placement of the artist's illustrations adds a quirky touch and freshness to this collection.

This marks the sixth collection of Earth Major's special collaboration with visual artist Popo Mangun, titled "Class of 2020: Survivors & Healers."

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