About us

Earth Major Mission statement




"Dressing the Creative Soul with Care" 


Our footsteps started in Sydney, Australia. Founder of Earth Major Syifa Puspasari found her passion in fashion street style with environmental conscious. Fashion and responsibility towards our society have been our culture and foundation in creating the Earth Major brand.

Earth Major is apparel designer label that offers high-quality designs. Inspired by living nature, and whimsical art. The brand appeals to print and those who are looking for an artistic, fresh, and modern products. Each season Earth Major will bring you dynamic prints, fresh colour tones with high-quality fabrics. 

Earth Major develops original textile designs, accessories, and housewares. Rather than following fashion trends, Earth Major get inspiration through travel, photography, and art. Clothing is a canvas to express our self.

We believe to create every pieces mindful from its source, material, partner to work with, until the impact of the material for the environment. Every big impact always come from a small steps. Our brand aware of sustainability is a big journey and still debatable topic. However, we trust our mission to deliver the best products in ethical way.


 Earth Major Vision statement