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Panggung Collection

Panggung Collection

"A Life on The Eyes of Others"

The Background

Humans are complex, volatile, unpredictable, emotional, and frequently irrational creatures. “Never judge a book by its cover” expresses the real humans. 

The story behind human traits are evaluated from time to time. In the beginning, we have similarities with everything else in nature, but later we seem to owe our complex reasoning abilities because of a bigger brain than other creatures. Further, evolution makes humans begin depending on each other and it develops into human’s trait which is social skills.

Humans are not the only one who have surviving mode, but because of our intelligence and social prowess means we can do so in a complex and unpredictable situation in this fast-changing world. 

The Beginning

The painting “Disguise & Laughter” from Naufal Abshar is the based concept collaboration with Earth Major. The story behind the painting is based on his experiments being surrounded with people with various and multiple intentions. 

Naufal Painting disguise and laughter Earth Major

“Disguise & Laughter” from Naufal Abshar 

The main highlight of this collaboration is the act of surviving as one of human behaviour. Humans play some roles to deliver intentions, achieve goals, or fulfil needs. These roles are applying in any stage life society. 

Based on that concept, we took a surviving mode being portrait as we were watching a theatrical performance where every actor put on masks to deliver the act to the audience. The goals are making a believable performance to the audience.

The Journey

To deliver this concept into the PANGGUNG Collection, we are committed to use the majority of our products with natural fibre such as cotton bamboo, tencel, rayon. In addition, we add it with our usual fabric such corduroy, spandex, and polyester. There are 44 articles in total to deliver this collaboration with Naufal Abshar.

In terms of design, Earth Major tries to be more experimental in vest and crossing belt. Further, we try pleated technique in skirts, various styles of pockets, full printed in shirts and tees. Finally, the re-arranged painting into several patterns such as jacket, vest, and pants.

PANGGUNG Collection

With the touch of Earth Major, this collection is a combination of earthy and bold colour or can be described as “solid fun”. It is colourful but still has a warm feeling. 

This is the 4th collection of Earth Major in collaboration with Naufal Abshar, “PANGGUNG”, a life in the eyes of others.



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