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Natura Philia Collection

Natura Philia Collection

Our collection has just released is called Natura Philia. Natura Philia inspired by the idea of Ecosexuals. Ecosexual is an act of sexual with ecology, this new radical form of environment activism has given a new form on how to love environment. The idea is coming up from this concept to love the earth as a lover, and invite people to treat the earth with love rather than exploit the resources and not giving back what we took from. Most of us sometime forget to love back the earth and just take the resources without consciousness to given back. This scenario has been refer to fact that we should see environment to a different perspective to “Nature is your lover, not your mother”. If we see the in this angle we can feel that we need always care and love our lover, and if we do not care the opposite side will feel abandon, left out and might be gone from our side.

Start from this concept we decide to explore and see the different angle to act while we live on the earth. Our action is impacting current generation and next generation after us. Our generation put an example and a mark for further generation, so they will see what we done and continue our step to sustain the earth. We would love to give back to the earth and thankful with everything the earth has given us.  

One step of a time we love to shift our products and value towards the sustainability to give back to our environment. We source more sustainability raw recourses and carefully select our vendor to meet some standard that we have so it’s aligning with our long-term mission. We source less polyester material and replace it with tencel, cotton, organic cotton, rayon and other natural fibre. In the long term it will help reducing the unnecessary hazard chemical and less plastic in the environment. The use of natural fabric is actually benefiting us too, not only the environment. Our skin and body will thank us, because the natural material will help our skin to breath and confortable to use.

Our printed textile is also meet an international standard of OEKO-TEX 100, that ensure the chemical to creating the material is not using any harmful chemical even the baby is safely to use the products.

Thus, in our value is embodied the love of fashion and nature, our love for both have given us very strong value of who we are. Our hope to bring the best product and giving back to earth is vision to deliver in each collection.  


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