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Major Sounds with Bellobosca

Major Sounds with Bellobosca


“At the end of the day, our music is all about stories, expression, and existence which made it beautifully with Bellobosca’s music style”

Major Sounds is back! This September Earth Major collaborates with Bellobosca. Bellobosca is a group from Purwokerto and they’ll perform their single “Melihat Dunia”. 

Melihat Dunia” is a song that talks about lovers who have an up and down long-distance relationship. In terms of the difficulty to maintain this LDR relationship, they can get through this and be together.

You can follow and listen to their music through Spotify and Youtube. And don’t forget to check their Instagram to get the latest news from Bellobosca.



Here is a brief interview with Bellobosca and hope everyone is inspired by their music journey.

How was Bellobosca formed?

Bellobosca is a group of friends from different campuses in the city of Purwokerto. At first, we were all from different bands which finally met in Bellobosca.

Who’s inspired you the most when it comes to music?

Our parents were one of the first to be one of our inspirations in music. And many other figures contributed to this.

How do you describe your music?

We call our music, Bosca Music. An improv project wrapped in easy listening music with a heavy acoustic feel. We tell a story for everyone through our music. Together we imagine the world ahead which is full of drama.

In terms of musicality, the character of Cikadian's voice as a vocalist is the main pillar of the strength of this song. Then the elements of acoustic guitar and saxophone strengthen and beautify the character of Bellobosca's music as a whole.

At the end of the day, it's all about stories, expression, and existence which made it beautifully with Bosca’s music style. 

How long was the recording process of “Melihat Dunia”?

The recording process took about a week. The most difficult thing was to sing the song because we have to feel the bitterness of long-distance relationships and most of the members don’t have experience with relationships like this.

We have a dream to exist in the music industry, through our work. With this dream, we strive to continue to improvise in our work, so that we can produce something that can make our work heard by everyone.

Keep following and updating Bellobosca through their music platform or social media @belloboscamusic.

Stay tuned more on Major Sounds for more diverse inspiring artists and musicians.


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