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Major Sounds: Popsickle

Major Sounds: Popsickle


The next musician that we invited to collaborate with us is Hendar aka Popsickle. Popsickle is a musician from Indonesia. He’s been fascinated with music since junior high and slays about hip hop with his friends. He has pursued a career in music since 2017. 

The first singles out in 2018 are called “Childish Gentleman” and this song is about his life story from beginning until now. His first EP came out in Feb 2020 called “Childish” it continuation from the single “Childish Gentleman”.

He always starts writing based on the story. Every person has their own story and that’s unique about everyone. That’s why, he creates his music based on the story and maybe his story, his struggle could help other people.

Enjoy Popsickle performing one of his hit singles called Pop A Paddle, in our Major Sounds session. You can hear more of his music on his Spotify and Apple Music. 


“Music is a way for me to share my own stories, share my happiness, sadness, and struggles in hopes that the people hearing it would be inspired as well”

Here’s a snippet of our interview with PopSickle. Hope everyone is inspired by his storytelling through his music.

How do you describe your music?

Storytelling through sounds and words. I think that’s the perfect way to describe it. Music is a way for me to share my own stories, share my happiness, sadness, and struggles in hopes that the people hearing it would be inspired as well. “Live Inspired, Die Fulfilled”, that has been the motto for me. 

Who’s inspired you the most when it comes to music?

There are a lot of people who inspired me. In terms of music, I would say J. Cole is my biggest inspiration. I like the way he tells stories and you can also feel the emotion coming out of his voice. But in general, I prefer real-life stories. It’s not just my stories, but my friends, my family, people who I met along this journey really inspired me to make music.

Listen to this playlist for more inspiration of his music:

Earth Major X Popsickle Playlist


Any major plans or events for you as a musician in the near future?

So the next step for me will be my 2nd EP titled “Gentleman”. It’s a continuation of Childish. This EP will tell a story about my life right now. It’s more mature and more personal. The sound and mood will be different than my first one. For a personal project, I think that’s the next step. But I also have a couple of songs I’m featured in that are coming out soon. So make sure to follow me and stay tuned


Keep following and update Hendar aka Popsickle through his music platform or social media @killapopsickle.

Stay tuned more on Major Sounds for more diverse inspiring artists and musicians.


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Musician: Popsickle






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