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Major Sounds: Nara Anumila

Major Sounds: Nara Anumila



Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. Major Sounds are the platform for indie musicians to play and share the stories for everyone to hear and be inspired by their music.

The first musician that we invited is Nara Anumila. Nara is a singer-songwriter based in Bandung, Indonesia. She is an aspiring artist and musician. Her dream is to become a musician because she wants to use her words as a way to connect to people and uses her voice to illuminate life through music.

Her newest collaboration song called Infinite Dreams in our Major Sounds session. Check her single on Spotify and Apple Music. 


“I want my songs to feel like either an intimate conversation or a clear painting. I use a lot of metaphors to illustrator a message in my lyrics”

Here’s a snippet of our interview with Nara Anumila Hope everyone can feel the honesty and genuineness of her lyrics and music. 

How did you become a musician?

I have always been passionate about music and art since I was 3 years old. Singing used to be just a hobby but after years of performing in the school talent show, I realized it was what made me happiest. 

I joined Elfa Music School in 2007 and that is when I had an epiphany that music was my passion. I always loved to write and slowly trained myself on how to create a song. After I graduated and got my Bachelor’s Degree in Design, I came back to Indonesia and pursued my career in music. I worked as a cafe singer and performed in several events. 

The year of 2014 is when I started pursuing my solo career, as well as working as a vocal director together with my husband. After being rejected by several major labels or being offered a contract that was too far from my comfort zone, this year I decided to focus on creating songs that are true to myself. 

Who inspires you the most when it comes to music?

I am inspired by a lot of artists who create music that feels honest, genuine, and heartfelt such as India Arie, Tori Kelly, Yuna, and Lianne La Havas are my main musical muses.

My family and friends always inspired me with their love, support, and experiences. Last but not least, I feel that faith plays an important role in my art where I feel driven by God’s unconditional love and guidance.

Here are some songs that Nara inspired from, that will lift up your mood:

How would you describe your music?

It has always been difficult for me to pinpoint myself to one genre because I love different kinds of music such as Pop, RnB, Jazz, Hip Hop, Orchestra, and Folk. I want my songs to feel like either an intimate conversation or a clear painting. I use a lot of metaphors and a message in my lyrics.

Moreover, I love sounds that remind me of nature whether that be the sky, the rain, or the wind. Whatever I create, I also associate it with dreams. What I imagine people would hear when they are lost in deep thought or dreaming.

Lastly, vocal harmonies play an important part in my songs. I like to explore the different sounds my voice can make to express a feeling.


That’s the first musician that we collaborate in Major Sounds. In the future, we will keep bringing diverse inspiring artists and musicians for everyone to enjoy and listen to. Stay tuned on Major Sounds.  


Wardrobe in the video

Rocky Gems Scarf 
 Stargazing Dress 


Credit Vocal: Nara Anumila





Music: Viv




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