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Major Anecdote: Naufal Abshar

Major Anecdote: Naufal Abshar



We had a brief interview with Naufal Abshar recently and we talked about our collaboration for our recent collection “PANGGUNG”. In this interview you can see the behind story of “Disguise & Laughter” itself, we hope you can learn and be inspired by it.

Naufal Abshar Painting


Naufal is an artist. He feels aware of what’s happening around him and his job as a reminder that he can implement it into illustration. As an artist, he can work with heart and passion about it and it expresses into his illustration. 

Naufal Abshar

And the story begins…

“This collaboration represents the life stage that we see where sometimes we wear ‘mask’ every day.”

Tell a little bit more about behind the story of “Disguise & Laughter” and the collaboration?

Disguise and laughter inspired by the scenery about what’s happening in the society especially in the high-end society. The society is just like a stage, so sometimes society pressures us to do something that it’s not us. “Disguise & Laughter” itself interpretation as a metaphor for what we see in this world.

This collaboration represents the life stage that we see where sometimes we wear “mask” every day. The concept of “mask” itself is very interesting because “mask” is become necessary in today’s society to hide, to cover the real us. Further, most of the time we wear a different kinda “mask” in society. It becomes a part of our life and we attach to it. So, this illustration kinda represents us.

With this collaboration, we kinda try to project about this concept as you can see in PANGGUNG collection and we hope, we can build the awareness about this life is just a part of acting. 

Is it important to be passionate about something that we do?

Of course, being passionate is kinda submission. Being passionate about something means you want to do without being forced by someone; you love to do; you volunteering it. And this act can give you a good impact on the result. 

What fictional character would you like to meet?

I like to meet Woody from the Toy Story movie because he is a passionate person. He never gives up despite all the people’s doubts about him. If you believe in yourself, no matter how hard and difficult it is, you can go through it. 

If you are a color, what kind of color you are?

I will be a color palette. I can be any colors and colors represent the stage of who you are.

What kind of soundtrack to represent about your life?

It will be Cold Play “Viva la Vida”. Something special about that song. It’s talking about the historical and human being and it motivates me as a person. 

What is your typical day like?

I wake up in the morning and straight play games. Games inspire me to think more clearly in away. And because I’m preparing my new exhibition, I have to work every day just like an office job. 

I also read a lot of books and watch documentaries. With those activities, I want to put myself with my feeling and taste in terms of engaging the emotion. This emotion helps me to create art. 

Why do you choose Earth Major to collaborate with?

We have the same vision about the way we see everything such as art, life, fashion, taste, and preference itself. So it’s kinda the same aura and to have this connection can create something that powerful. 


This interview relates to our PANGGUNG collection, so we give a template for Naufal to fill it up. Naufal chose Jakob personality and here is the result:

Sense of Humor ★★


Sensitivity ★★★★★

Body Strength ★★★


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