Earth Major x Tehbotol Sosro: Once Upon Happiness

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Earth Major x Tehbotol Sosro: Once Upon Happiness

Earth Major x Tehbotol Sosro: Once Upon Happiness


Once upon a time

Do you like to drink tea? Don’t you know tea has been around in Indonesia for about 200 years and it became a staple in many homes? The drink tea culture originated from China and it became a culture in Indonesia whether adults or children, everybody drinking tea nowadays.


Indonesians don’t follow any certain teatime rituals; it belongs to all social classes, so no boundaries whatsoever. The tradition of how we drink tea also evolved as time goes by; from generation to generation either in cups, glass, cold, hot, sweet, or plain tea. We do enjoy tea on every occasion with family and friends. Even though the tradition of drinking tea evolved, the value itself remains the same where it brings people together with the warmth and comfort of tea itself. 


Comfort & Convenience

We live in this fast-paced life and many of us seek comfort from other things and with comfort we also need convenience. By inserting convenience into familiar traditions, these customs become more accessible. By tapping into this, Tehbotol Sosro thrived, establishing their long-standing product of pre-packaged tea into different generations. Not only starting with the glass bottles but now evolving into a shareable carton to enjoy it together with loved ones. 

Thebotol varian Earth Major

Fashion and Art

The same goes with fashion, it’s not just about providing people to cover up, but now it’s also a place for us to express ourselves. When it comes to art, it gives the same value of an expression. So when both fashion and art come together, it elevates the value of the product itself. Now clothes have become wearable art by providing comfort and aesthetics. 

The convenience that comfort also comes up here where the rise of multifunctional and modular clothes becomes more and more apparent. Moreover, during the pandemic where spending power decreases, people are focusing more on the value-for-money aspect of the products.

Naufal Abshar Earth Major Kolaborasi Panggung

Locals Unite

This special collaboration between Earth Major x Tehbotol Sosro is a part of the Locals Unite movement from Tehbotol Sosro. It was launched in August 2020 where It’s a platform to explore potential, showcase collaborative products, and build an ecosystem for Indonesian brands. Currently, Tehbotol Sosro is focusing on three main areas, namely food and beverage, clothing and accessories (fashion), and art. 

Locals Unite Tehbotol Sosro Earth Major Kolaborasi

Earth Major x Tehbotol Sosro: My Cup of Set

With the spirit of comfort and convenience, Earth Major x Tehbotol Sosro created modular clothing consisting of three key elements: the shirt, the detachable sleeves, and the vest. Each can be worn together or separately to create layers for single or multiple occasions. We called this “My Cup of Set” where it’s made of breathable cotton, linen, and added with a touch of corduroy fabric that comfort and convenience are prioritized. In addition, the touch of art that illustrates the essence of Tehbotol Sosro in this clothing design makes the self-expression message be conveyed the main key to the overall fashion style of this collaboration. Last but not least, express your creative soul through this Set the way you want it to; as comfort and convenience, you want it to be. 

Earth Major Tehbotol Sosro Once Upon Happiness Locals Unite

More detail go to our YouTube Playlist: Earth Major x Tehbotol Sosro

Special limited collaboration Earth Major x Tehbotol Sosro focuses on creating the spirit of comfort and convenience that brings people together with happiness to your creative soul. This collectable set is limited release. Available only 50 sets!

Get this limited edition “My Cup of Set” online now on the website and Tokopedia. Don’t miss out!

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