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Major Anecdote with Al from Al&Co

Major Anecdote with Al from Al&Co


We’re back with Major Anecdote this month. A while ago we talked to Al, the owner of Al&Co. He had a brief chit-chat about his business, the history behind Al&Co, the relationship with the customers, and how to humanize humans. 

Earth Major Al & Co


Aldias Darmawan or usually referred to as Al, is the owner of Al&Co. Al&Co is a coffee shop in Cimahi that started on 22 February 2020. He created this place for one reason because he wanted to make a coffee place that anyone could go to, but more importantly, he wanted to make a coffee palace that could be visited by one person. So people can have coffee with me or they can read books here. Or maybe he can listen to the music of his choice or even let out his complaints in this place whatever he/she likes.



His Story begins…

One of my forms of happiness right now is when I see my guests sitting in front of me and telling me about what they are like and how they feel.”

What inspired the name “Al&Co”?

Al & Co means Al and Company. It was taken not from my real name but from my son, Altahir, his nickname is Al and I want to add it to this brand, namely Al & Co. I also want to oversee other brands that may be born someday and the existing brands that are managed by my wife.

Many coffee shops open everywhere, what do you feel sets you apart from the others?

From my point of view, there's no difference. Whether it's tea or coffee, almost what I serve here is usually found in every other coffee shop. Maybe the difference is that I'm here trying to apply something that some businessman may have done, but I'm applying it again, which is related to the appointment. I use appointments in one day, maybe approximately 3 sessions: in the morning at 10, in the afternoon at 1, in the afternoon around 4. So the maximum capacity of people is 3 hours in this place and I hope that by giving 3 hours to people who come to this place, he can freely express himself to become a complete human being.

What kind of ambiance do you wanna create at your coffee shop?

I want to create the atmosphere that was born from my guests. So more or less the atmosphere is created naturally from every guest who comes, from the various characteristics that come here. Which will never be the same atmosphere when one person comes here. That's why more or less from music, books, personality, everything is very diverse. I really want to create a flexible atmosphere, which follows human nature.

Is there any satisfaction in being able to chat with guests who come personally?

I feel very satisfied every time I meet each guest which is different from each person. Even my loyal customer has come 60 times with different stories, with his evolution every day. I once said on an anniversary of Al& Co that one of my forms of happiness right now is when I see my guests sitting in front of me and telling me about what they are like and how they feel.

Any recommendations on what’s the best we should order at Al&Co?

I usually leave it to the guests who judge, but usually, the most awaited menu when they come to Al&Co is the apple pie or custard pie that I make directly. What usually takes a long time to prepare, it can take 30 minutes plus 20 minutes during baking and I make sure the ingredients are all fresh.

In the future, will there be differences in menus or menu variations?

I apply the pattern of life where I just want to enjoy today and henceforth life will run as flexible as possible. We don’t know what the future will be like, but I want the essence of Al& Co to be maintained as it is for me, my wife, my children, or whoever my guests are here. Any changes will evolve by themselves with the passage of time.

Aside from running your business, what are some personal hobbies or local activities that you enjoy?

I have lots of hobbies. I'm in any field that I find fun. Maybe one of them is reading books, I don't really like reading books but when I read books I really like some books that I like. But my main interest that has never been lost and stuck at this time is probably music to be more precise. I'm not a musician but I really like music. You could say I listen to all genres from classic, dangdut, to Korean music. It's not a hobby anymore, but a routine.


What advice would you give to someone who is dreaming of opening their own small business?

Don't forget to be yourself first. And secondly, don't forget to pour yourself into everything around you. Especially to the things you love, for example, there are scales, kettles or whatever, give life to these objects, so that later they will be friends with you and your guests. And what you mix, or whatever you make later will be memorable and will feel warm.

Major Sounds: Angga Prayudha

Major Sounds: Angga Prayudha



G’day, I didn't say hi to you guys through Major Sounds. This year, we invited Angga Prayudha to collaborate with us. He is a musician from Bandung, Indonesia where he’s been fascinated with music since he was little when he saw the figure of Elfa Secioria playing the piano while recording. Since then, he knew he wanted to become a musician and composer. 

Angga will perform one of his hit singles Cintamu Untuknya where it’s a story about a teenager who loves someone but that someone already has a lover. The song describes the sadness of a teenager who feels that his love is one-sided. 

You can follow and listen to his music more on his Spotify “Angga Prayudha”

Major Sound: Angga Prayudha - Earth Major Youtube Channel 


In Pop music, I spice up the songs with piano strains, orchestral arrangements, sometimes electronic music too. The pop songs that I bring carry the theme of life, especially love

Here’s a snippet of our interview with Angga Prayudha. Hope everyone is inspired by his music journey.

How do you describe your music?

I have several styles of music or ways of making music. The first is pop music, the second is serious music, and the third is religious music. For now, I focus more on pop music. In Pop music, I spice up the songs with piano strains, orchestral arrangements, sometimes electronic music too. The pop songs that I bring carry the theme of life, especially love.

Who’s inspired you the most when it comes to music?

Elfa Secioria, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, John Legend, David Foster, and Yovie Widianto. 

Listen to Angga Prayudha’s playlist for more inspiration for his music:

(Earth Major - Spotify playlist)

Any major plans or events for you as a musician soon?

I'm working on my first album and hopefully, it will finish on time.


Keep following and update Angga Prayudha through his music platform or social media @afprayudha.

Stay tuned more on Major Sounds for more diverse inspiring artists and musicians.


Credit Vocal: Angga Prayudha Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPAF...

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0wtPs...

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/afprayudha/

Earth Major for 1000 Trees Campaign in 2021

Earth Major for 1000 Trees Campaign in 2021


How’s everybody doing? We hope everyone stays healthy and safe. The Year 2020 was challenging for everybody around the world, even for us as a brand. But life still has kept going no matter what the situation is. Hope and wish for the new year will be varied for everyone, but we have the same goal that this year, 2021 will be better than last year.

EM New Resolution in 2021

Last year we were able to go through and still be able to share with several organizations that are helping people affected by COVID-19. This year we have a new resolution as Earth Major wants to be involved more in the environment especially nature preservation in Indonesia. The involvement of the customers will be helpful to reach our goal this 2021. Therefore, we will give some of our sales to nature. We will start to set aside IDR 1,000 for every purchase, which we are targeting can collect 1000 trees by the end of 2021. On January 10, 2021, along with One Million Trees Day: One Million Trees Movement Day we will initiate this resolution.

Hope and Goal

Earth Major uses the LindungiHutan organization to help us with this campaign and they will also monitor it, and you as a donor or volunteer can see it on their page or you can check it through the link in bio on Instagram Earth Major. We hope with this small step, we can start taking steps for a better future together. If you want to directly help us reach this resolution, you can also donate on this page IDR 10,000 for 1 mangrove tree for the people of Kampung Laut Cilacap. 

Kampung Laut in Cilacap

Kampung Laut in Cilacap Regency, Central Java is a cluster of small islands in Segara Anakan which forms several villages. In Kampung Laut, there is a Mangrove Arboretum Tourism Area "Kolak Sekancil" which has various collections of mangrove plants. Recently, mangrove plants in the marine village area have begun to deteriorate, the beaches have been eroded a lot by waves, and the population of marine life has decreased. This will be detrimental to residents around the coast because their income will be reduced and they are threatened by flooding of seawater. For this reason, LindungHutan through a nature campaign will plant Rhizophora Mangrove trees which can deposit mud in the roots of mangrove trees to prevent seawater intrusion into the mainland. Also, Rhizophora Mangrove has roots that can accelerate the breakdown of organic waste and chemical waste that can pollute the sea.

Earth Major for 1000 Trees 

This goal can’t go anywhere without the customers’ contribution. So, this campaign will be a good start for the environment around us to get better in the future.

For more about the campaign please visit our campaign page

Earth Major 2021 Resolution: 1000 for 2021



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