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Earth Major for 1000 Trees Campaign in 2021

Earth Major for 1000 Trees Campaign in 2021


How’s everybody doing? We hope everyone stays healthy and safe. The Year 2020 was challenging for everybody around the world, even for us as a brand. But life still has kept going no matter what the situation is. Hope and wish for the new year will be varied for everyone, but we have the same goal that this year, 2021 will be better than last year.

EM New Resolution in 2021

Last year we were able to go through and still be able to share with several organizations that are helping people affected by COVID-19. This year we have a new resolution as Earth Major wants to be involved more in the environment especially nature preservation in Indonesia. The involvement of the customers will be helpful to reach our goal this 2021. Therefore, we will give some of our sales to nature. We will start to set aside IDR 1,000 for every purchase, which we are targeting can collect 1000 trees by the end of 2021. On January 10, 2021, along with One Million Trees Day: One Million Trees Movement Day we will initiate this resolution.

Hope and Goal

Earth Major uses the LindungiHutan organization to help us with this campaign and they will also monitor it, and you as a donor or volunteer can see it on their page or you can check it through the link in bio on Instagram Earth Major. We hope with this small step, we can start taking steps for a better future together. If you want to directly help us reach this resolution, you can also donate on this page IDR 10,000 for 1 mangrove tree for the people of Kampung Laut Cilacap. 

Kampung Laut in Cilacap

Kampung Laut in Cilacap Regency, Central Java is a cluster of small islands in Segara Anakan which forms several villages. In Kampung Laut, there is a Mangrove Arboretum Tourism Area "Kolak Sekancil" which has various collections of mangrove plants. Recently, mangrove plants in the marine village area have begun to deteriorate, the beaches have been eroded a lot by waves, and the population of marine life has decreased. This will be detrimental to residents around the coast because their income will be reduced and they are threatened by flooding of seawater. For this reason, LindungHutan through a nature campaign will plant Rhizophora Mangrove trees which can deposit mud in the roots of mangrove trees to prevent seawater intrusion into the mainland. Also, Rhizophora Mangrove has roots that can accelerate the breakdown of organic waste and chemical waste that can pollute the sea.

Earth Major for 1000 Trees 

This goal can’t go anywhere without the customers’ contribution. So, this campaign will be a good start for the environment around us to get better in the future.

For more about the campaign please visit our campaign page

Earth Major 2021 Resolution: 1000 for 2021



Class of 2020 Collection: Survivors & Healers

Class of 2020 Collection: Survivors & Healers

Today’s issue

The current pandemic and the ongoing climate change had us all rethinking our actions and the effects we have on the earth. People feel uneasy about the changing environment for the worse and they feel powerless to do anything about it. This concept is called Solastalgia where it describes feeling unease related to the environment’s chaotic transformation. People miss how things used to be and are afraid that the world never is the same as before. 

Small Action 

Earth Major collaborates with a visual artist, Popo Mangun and through this collection, it is our job to urge and inspire others to contribute to making the environment better by doing everyday sustainability. It is in these small acts that even regular folks can do to not damage or kill the planet any further. Thereby, we also want to give back to the community through one of the organizations here in Indonesia called Indonesia Kuat. Through this organization, we hope this small action can make a difference in this ongoing pandemic.

Normal Folks

Humans have the ability to survive under certain difficulties and can heal themselves if they help each other. Class of 2020: Survivors & Healers are the way we represent others to collectively enact everyday sustainability, that even normal people can contribute to improving the outside (environment). Therefore, for this collection, all the models are “normal folks” where they have different professions and different opinions regarding everyday sustainability, but together they want to heal this earth.


Class 2020 Survivor and Healler

Class of 2020: Survivors & Healers

The illustration reflects the theme (Survivors & Healers) that we choose and apply through this special collection. There are 10 special articles including a limited edition jacket. We focus on all the essentials of clothing such as tee, hoodie, shirt, jacket, scarf, and face mask. All of them have print illustrations and embroidery and we are still using natural fabrics such as cotton, rayon, and viscose as our start of the sustainable movement. With Earth Major’s style, the placement of the illustration from the artist makes a quirky touch and fresh for this collection. 

This is the sixth collection of Earth Major special collaboration with a visual artist, Popo Mangun Class of 2020: Survivors & Healers. 

Let's Play: Paper Dolls

Now you can download for FREE for our very own paper dolls. You can play the styles as you play with paper dolls. Have fun and try to mix & match your wardrobe with these paper dolls. You can print it by using Concord A4 paper. 

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  To Self, With Love: Paper Doll

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Earth Major Paper Doll Game

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