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To Self, With Love Collection

To Self, With Love Collection

 “Embrace The Small Joys in Life”


The socially charged world is taking the way we live. Just look around us, people care more with their phones constantly and it becomes increasingly distracting. They keep looking through screens more than the community around them. People are scared of missing out on what’s happening. They just want to keep up the trend. This phenomenon is called a FOMO.

The basic issue of FOMO is social comparison. We tend to compare ourselves to others. The feeling of insecurity and anxiety mostly will happen if we often compare ourselves to others. With social media, it’s hard to avoid this feeling and it will be damaging in terms of self-care. 


We need to change our perspective about missing out. It’s a shift in mindset and attitude to partake in simple pleasures. We need to disconnect to connect in a more meaningful way that legitimately pleases ourselves. It’s a joy of missing out or JOMO. it’s not about feeling joy all the time, but it’s more being present at the moment and being grateful for what’s happening around us currently and makes it worth missing out. Just take a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. So, it comes down to balancing our life and learning to recognize our own needs. 

As anxiety or mental issues have arisen lately, it’s important to find what makes ourselves happy without distraction from others. Take control of our life instead of focusing on what people like or expect. Do not expect missing out to be painless, instead have a ritual or repeat pattern of behavior to feel better about ourselves. 

Earth Major To Self With Love

Behind the Scenes 

Many ways to change our pattern behavior in a self-care ritual, but the key tune is to what YOU want to do and take the pressure off by unplugging the socially charged world. To self, with love is the way we represent this behavior as self-love, self-care, and self-reflection are a more important mindset and attitude than comparing with others.

Earth Major illustrates healing stones or crystals as representative of a kind of healing ritual. Healing crystals have been known to help in setting out intentions or vibrations through the universe. With it’s the connection to the earth and its life-giving elements, the crystals help pinpoint our thoughts and intentions and send them into the universe. 

To Self, With Love Collection

As our tagline “dressing the creative souls with care”, Earth Major still uses some of the natural fabric in this collection such as 100% cotton, rayon sateen, and ramie. Besides, we still use our signature Earth Major which is corduroy. 

In terms of design, Earth Major tries to cool down the pattern, so it’s simpler than the previous one such as embroidery tees, embroidery hoodies, shirt dress, full printed shirt, casual dresses, loungewear, pants, and outwears with the touch of quirky pocket, print placement, and emblems.

The touch of whimsical design is still there with print and addition of emblems in most of the articles. The emblems are representative of gemstones and self quotes. In terms of colors, we use subtle colors as representative of this collection such as terracotta, khaki, navy, and black.

There are 29 in a total of articles with the addition of 3 articles from the collaboration with On Sunday 4PM.

Earth Major collaboration with On Sunday 4PM

Earth Major x On Sunday 4PM

In this collection, Earth Major also collaborates with On Sunday 4PM in addition to create handcrafted accessories in bags, bandanas, and crops. On Sunday 4PM brand is a special brand from us as they creating the business by providing work for women and crafted the product very immaculately. The brand represents women empowering business and handmade products with knitting as a main focal point. 

This is the fifth collection of Earth Major with the addition of collaboration with On  Sunday 4PM, “To Self, With Love”, embrace the small joys of life.



E-Major “a lifestyle recommendation”



As we go through the chaotic humdrum routine of our lives, it is never a bad idea to stop and just create, watch, read, try, visit, and be inspired. E-Major as a clothing brand, we want to bring a lifestyle recommendation close to you. We select our favourable lists, so you can be inspired by it.

Main Course

E-Major recommendations include DIY, movies, books, podcasts, music, cooking, and other exciting creative aspects we might add up to the list! We search and pick it for you based on E-Major taste. So, not only be inspired by our clothing, but you can be creative with us. 

E major Watch

Playlist Earth Major



This platform will continue to evolve from this day forth. Stick around for more exciting project

Panggung Collection

Panggung Collection

"A Life on The Eyes of Others"

The Background

Humans are complex, volatile, unpredictable, emotional, and frequently irrational creatures. “Never judge a book by its cover” expresses the real humans. 

The story behind human traits are evaluated from time to time. In the beginning, we have similarities with everything else in nature, but later we seem to owe our complex reasoning abilities because of a bigger brain than other creatures. Further, evolution makes humans begin depending on each other and it develops into human’s trait which is social skills.

Humans are not the only one who have surviving mode, but because of our intelligence and social prowess means we can do so in a complex and unpredictable situation in this fast-changing world. 

The Beginning

The painting “Disguise & Laughter” from Naufal Abshar is the based concept collaboration with Earth Major. The story behind the painting is based on his experiments being surrounded with people with various and multiple intentions. 

Naufal Painting disguise and laughter Earth Major

“Disguise & Laughter” from Naufal Abshar 

The main highlight of this collaboration is the act of surviving as one of human behaviour. Humans play some roles to deliver intentions, achieve goals, or fulfil needs. These roles are applying in any stage life society. 

Based on that concept, we took a surviving mode being portrait as we were watching a theatrical performance where every actor put on masks to deliver the act to the audience. The goals are making a believable performance to the audience.

The Journey

To deliver this concept into the PANGGUNG Collection, we are committed to use the majority of our products with natural fibre such as cotton bamboo, tencel, rayon. In addition, we add it with our usual fabric such corduroy, spandex, and polyester. There are 44 articles in total to deliver this collaboration with Naufal Abshar.

In terms of design, Earth Major tries to be more experimental in vest and crossing belt. Further, we try pleated technique in skirts, various styles of pockets, full printed in shirts and tees. Finally, the re-arranged painting into several patterns such as jacket, vest, and pants.

PANGGUNG Collection

With the touch of Earth Major, this collection is a combination of earthy and bold colour or can be described as “solid fun”. It is colourful but still has a warm feeling. 

This is the 4th collection of Earth Major in collaboration with Naufal Abshar, “PANGGUNG”, a life in the eyes of others.



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