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Why must you choose cotton bamboo fabric?

Why must you choose cotton bamboo fabric?

Cotton bamboo is cotton that is better than regular cotton that we used to buy. The benefits of this fabric are comfortable to wear, soft, airy, and anti-bacterial. Thus, this fabric has the best quality cotton out there yet.

Cotton Bamboo is?

Many clothing brands already used cotton bamboo in their products in terms of the quality. This fabric uses two main natural resources which is 30% cotton and 70% bamboo fibre.  

Why must you choose Cotton Bamboo for your tees?

This fabric is suitable for everyone even for kids because of premium quality and it has many benefits such as:


Bamboo possesses a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal called Penny Quinone. This bacteriostatic keeps garments fresh and pure. Therefore, it is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Airy and soft 

Bamboo has a silk-like sheen so it's draping beautifully on the body and comfortable for everyday wear. Moreover, its nature breathable and temperature regulation surpassing cotton, hemp, wool, and synthetic fabrics. 


Bamboo is a naturally sustainable choice. This fabric is biodegradable where the plant is entirely regrown naturally. Further, it grows pesticide free, and uses trace amounts of water in the process. 

High absorbent

Bamboo is highly durable and absorbent better than regular cotton – four times faster than cotton.

Slow fashion

One of the main reasons for choosing this fabric is because of the quality itself, so it helps clothes have longevity than regular one. 

Earth Major for Cotton Bamboo

We want to start from the small things while giving an eco-conscious impact to mother earth. As part of this movement, we start to use cotton bamboo fabric in our latest PANGGUNG Tees.

Dress yourself in our cotton bamboo tees looks:

Lead Actors Tee
Abeng Tee
Satire HAHA Pocket Tee
If you dare to be out of the box, you can make a look by our full printed tees:
Two-hander tees
Protagonist vs Antagonist tees
Prestige Party tees

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