Up-cycling Project with Earth Major

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Up-cycling Project with Earth Major


Reality Check

Globally, we dumped our waste up to 2,12 billion every year. So, imagine we put all the waste on trucks, they can go around the world 24 times. That is how much waste we produce and it’s going to increase every year if we dump the stuff we buy after 6 months used. 

Consumerism is good for the economy, but the drawback is the amount of waste because of it. It affects the depletion of natural resources and pollution of the Earth. The way we live life takes a big part of global waste. We live more urban during this century as the consumer society developed, waste production increased tenfold. And it will keep increasing three times more by 2025 if we keep doing it.

Up-cycling is…

Up-cycling is turning the waste or unwanted products into a material or product that has a better quality. We can use our creativity to figure out new ways to repurpose or fashion items. This activity gives a positive effect because we try to reduce our waste by making useful items that create less pollution for our Earth.

Sustainable Awareness in Creative Ways

Earth Major wants to take a part of this awareness by starting to re-create our waste, mostly fabric scraps, to produce useful and unique items for our lovely customers. Fabric scraps are an inevitable side effect in terms of producing clothes. Many of the good quality fabrics that we used become waste at the end.

As we want to raise sustainable awareness, Earth Major tries to reuse it in creative ways to ensure it doesn’t go to landfill yet. We try to minimise zero waste by creating creative ideas such as up-cycle tote bags, scrunchies, and drawstring bags.

Up-cycling Project with Earth Major

We introduce you to our up-cycling project with our new tote bags, scrunchies, and drawstring bags. The more sustainable way of living.

Up Cycle Project Earth Major

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