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Tencel is Joining Us!

Tencel is Joining Us!


What do you know about TENCEL?

TENCEL is the name brand for Lyocell and Modal fibre that is manufactured by Lenzing, an innovative fibre company. The popularity of TENCEL has accelerated nowadays as eco-conscious culture. 

What TENCEL was made from?

TENCEL is made from eucalyptus trees which require no harmful pesticides or insecticides to grow. In other words, it is environmentally friendly. Eucalyptus trees are required less land than others like cotton. 

All manufacturing processes of TENCEL yarns used 100% renewable energy and 80% less water. All the non-toxic solvents from the process of the pulp are done in a closed loop where 99.5% are recovered. In addition, it does not produce bleach and has less emission that usually broke down the biological purification plants. 

TENCEL features

TENCEL creates from nature and returns to nature. You can wear anything that also still gives eco-friendly to nature. Here some #FeelSoRight features:

  • Gentle on skin
  • Feels cool and dry
  • Sustainable production
  • Botanic origin

Sustainable awareness

Fashion and textile industry contributed to pollution, as matter of fact it became one of the largest one. TENCEL is trying to make a change in this industry without sacrificing comfort nor style. Sustainable awareness has embraced many fashion designers and re-owned retailers in terms of producing products with natural touch. 

Earth Major for TENCEL

Earth Major wants to contribute more in sustainable awareness in our products. The journey is still a long way to go, but we start from small things to do bigger things in the future for a better environment. 

Steal the look from us. You can still be stylish, whilst contributing eco-conscious to mother earth:

Soul Dress

Natura Shirt

Thought of the Giver Black/White

Philia Dress

Forest Dress


Wildflower Outer

Philia Kimono

Hooman Forest Shirt

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