Itsy-bitsy info of #EMCare – Earth Major

EM Care

Itsy-bitsy info of #EMCare

Itsy-bitsy info of #EMCare


The Backdrop

The current state of our planet, society, and its environment is growing worse every single day. Unfortunately, humans are to be blamed and it's on us as well to fix this. It's not too late though for us as humans to be more aware of our habits, consumption, and to have more empathy for others. 

“Dressing the creative soul with care”

As a clothing brand, Earth Major wants to establish what we stand for “dressing the creative soul with care”. As a brand, we desire to build what we create to bring more awareness in terms of sustainability in fashion, eco-friendly, and giving back to society. That’s why, we create #EMCare is our platform for everyone taking a journey with us and being involved with what we stand for. We start with the small things to make a big difference.

Being Part of Sustainable Fashion Movement

In terms of sustainability fashion, we start it by using sustainable fabrics such as cotton bamboo, TENCEL, and rayon in some of the products. We’re not saying that we are a sustainable fashion brand, but we want to take small part of this movement for our brand continuously. Based on the quality of the fabrics, it can bring people can #HoldonLonger clothes and it reduces waste. So, people can learn and see the meaning of #BuyLess with #PayMore.

Tnecel Earth Major


Earth Major cares about the environment as we create our brand. We share what we know, learn, and see and hopefully it will encourage people to start what we are doing in their own life.

(photo of recycle bag/reused hand tag)

Give back to society

Last but not least, giving back to the society as part of #EMCare. Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference. Continue we will donate as part of our #EMCare movement to the society.

Covid 19 Earth Major Donation
Covid 19 Earth Major Donation and Semasa Donation


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