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All about rayon

All about rayon


Many fashion brands use this fabric in their products because it's very drapey, soft, and gives flowy looks.

What is Rayon?

Rayon is fibre which comes from natural resources. It is made of cellulose fibres that are obtained from wood pulp – usually from pine, spruce, or hemlock trees. The fact is Rayon is called Artificial Silk which gives an effect like Silk – its drape, soft, airy like Silk. It used to be a replacement for Silk because it's an inexpensive alternative.

Types of Rayon

Most common use is Viscose Rayon. The texture is breathable, moisture-absorbent, and mostly used for casual and athletic wear.  Secondary types of Rayon include Modal Rayon, and Lyocell. Modal Rayon typically made from beech trees and Lyocell mostly seen in denim and dress shirts.

What are the qualities of Rayon?

Rayon is made in a variety of qualities and weight. Here some merits for Rayon, such as:


It is breathable, so it gives a cooling effect and offers a fluid drape. The fabric is suitable for top or dress. 

Soft but Durable

As a replacement for Silk, Rayon gives a soft feel and comfort while we wear it. Durable means Rayon has longevity for fabric if well taken care of.

Absorb more

Faster rate of absorbency than regular cotton. It gives airy effects, so comfort and soft are the best quality for Rayon.


More sustainable, therefore more eco-friendly. It means the plant is entirely regrown naturally. 

Earth Major for Rayon

As part of the latest collection, Rayon is also being a major fabric especially for our PANGGUNG Shirt. Our oversized full printed shirts give a soft and drapey look. It’s comfortable and airy for daily wear under humid climates.

Here some looks for our shirts:

Humor Shirt

Dark Humor Shirt

Rumor Has It Shirt

Good Will Hunting Shirt

Prestige Party Shirt

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