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The Famed of Cotton Fabric

The Famed of Cotton Fabric


Why is it so popular?

We heard cotton a lot and we use it in our everyday life. Cotton fabric has already been used a long way back. Now, it is the most popular dressmaking fabric around the world. Cotton is one of the best fabrics for clothing out there and so many reasons why we like it:

  • It’s inexpensive
  • It’s suitable for hot and humid weather
  • It’s comfort 
  • It’s an eco-friendly choice 
  • As a fashion statement

Cotton made from…

Cotton made from plants that usually only took around 3 months in terms of harvesting. Harvesting is done when the flower of the shrub splits open to reveal the ball of cotton. In the end, the cotton becomes thread or yarn. These threads are then processed in specialized looms, where they are woven into the fabric.

The features of cotton fabric

Cotton is not only widely famous for clothing, but also home décor or accessories. Here are some features of this fabric:

  • Soft
  • Strong
  • Absorb water
  • Colour retention (mostly)
  • Moist absorption
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Eco friendly
  • Breathable
  • Can be blended with other fibers for more quality such as cotton bamboo
  • Durable

Types of cotton

Originally, there are lots of types of cotton out there, the main cotton that has been used by Earth Major are combed cotton, corduroy, voile, and organic cottons such as cotton bamboo and TENCEL.

Combed cotton

It’s the highest thread count with the highest quality where additional fibers of a batch are removed. As a result, it produces high-quality yarns with excellent strength and softness. Combed cotton is finer, softer, stronger, and more comfortable.

You can never go wrong with cotton. Here are several articles of Earth Major collection by using 100% cotton that comfortable for daily life:

Hooman Tees

Plant Tees


This fabric has a more distinguished pattern than another cotton, it evenly spaced vertical rows of soft pile. Depending on the weight, corduroy can be used in dresses, shirts, pants, and coats. 

One of EarthMajor’s signature is this corduroy. We use it almost in every collection and mostly we use it as outerwear and pants. Lift your basic outfits with our corduroy style:

Supporting Actors Outer

A Beautiful Mind Outer

Narcissist Vest 

Early Dusk Suite

Dear Sunset Outer

Crooked Politician Jumper

Abeng the Solo Act Outer

The Giver Shirt

Giver Pants

Hooman Pants

Natura Pants


The characteristic of this fabric is soft, fine, and sheer with a slightly crisp feel. It’s lightweight see-through and has a good drape and Earth Major usually uses it for scarves. By adding a scarf to whatever you are wearing, it's a great way to lift your style:

Bloom Scarf

Fyta Scarf

Forest Scarf

Multi Faces Scarf

Abeng Laughter Scarf

Two-hander Scarf

Topeng for Today Scarf

Arisan Reunion Scarf

Organic cotton

For eco-conscious reasons, many brands already used organic cotton in their clothing line, the same as us Earth Major. Organic cotton means the cotton grown on fields where the soil is free of all artificial pesticides or insecticides. 

Earth Major already started from Natura Philia collection until now by using TENCEL and cotton bamboo in our products. You can see all the products in our TENCEL and Cotton Bamboo blogs.

The Signature of Earth Major “Corduroy”

The Signature of Earth Major “Corduroy”


What is corduroy

The original name corduroy is from French cord du roi means king’s cord. This fabric has a more distinguished pattern than others, it evenly spaced vertical rows of soft piles. Corduroy is a thick fabric with fine ridges running across its length. The ridges are called “wales”. Many fashion designers are using this fabric because it gives a new look with affordable textiles.

Varieties of corduroy

Corduroy has a different weight from thick to lightweight and it is categorised by the wales on them like micro wale corduroy and wide wale corduroy. So depend on the wale and weigh this fabric suitable for dresses, pants, skirts, or outwears.

Earth Major for corduroy

Since “A letter from a Giver” collection, Earth Major has already been using corduroy and now it has become a signature of Earth Major in every collection. Some reasons why we start to use this fabric:


This texture is a very important element in fashion designing in terms of fabric surface looks and feels. The texture will give a dimension of the design and try to communicate to the people without saying aloud. 


Like other fabrics, corduroy also comes in a wide range of colours from basic to not-so-basic colours and prints. The difference is because of the wales whether it's tiny or wide, the colour becomes subtle or bold. 

Play with vertical wales 

Vertical wales give a distinctive appeal than other fabrics like silk, suede, and crunchy knits. By mixing the contrast weights of corduroy, we can create clothing with an interesting texture. 

Quality of the fabric

We can find wide varieties of corduroy with different colours, patterns, wales size, and weight, but still in quality. We can buy the highest quality of corduroy with the affordable price compared to other fine fabrics. It will produce high-quality items with a beautiful texture. You can never go wrong with corduroy style. 

Style of corduroy

Everyone needs good basic clothing and corduroy is the basic that you can choose for daily life but still “pop-up”. You can choose the style from us:




Up-cycling Project with Earth Major


Reality Check

Globally, we dumped our waste up to 2,12 billion every year. So, imagine we put all the waste on trucks, they can go around the world 24 times. That is how much waste we produce and it’s going to increase every year if we dump the stuff we buy after 6 months used. 

Consumerism is good for the economy, but the drawback is the amount of waste because of it. It affects the depletion of natural resources and pollution of the Earth. The way we live life takes a big part of global waste. We live more urban during this century as the consumer society developed, waste production increased tenfold. And it will keep increasing three times more by 2025 if we keep doing it.

Up-cycling is…

Up-cycling is turning the waste or unwanted products into a material or product that has a better quality. We can use our creativity to figure out new ways to repurpose or fashion items. This activity gives a positive effect because we try to reduce our waste by making useful items that create less pollution for our Earth.

Sustainable Awareness in Creative Ways

Earth Major wants to take a part of this awareness by starting to re-create our waste, mostly fabric scraps, to produce useful and unique items for our lovely customers. Fabric scraps are an inevitable side effect in terms of producing clothes. Many of the good quality fabrics that we used become waste at the end.

As we want to raise sustainable awareness, Earth Major tries to reuse it in creative ways to ensure it doesn’t go to landfill yet. We try to minimise zero waste by creating creative ideas such as up-cycle tote bags, scrunchies, and drawstring bags.

Up-cycling Project with Earth Major

We introduce you to our up-cycling project with our new tote bags, scrunchies, and drawstring bags. The more sustainable way of living.

Up Cycle Project Earth Major

Social Proof Experiments